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3 min readApr 6, 2022

Episode 2:

20/20 Vision

Despite his valiant efforts to resist, Jasper succumbed to his impulses and reached toward the magnificent glowing ball of light. Moving closer to the object, he raised it into his hands as the emanating energy intensified, sending waves of light into his body, flooding him with dazzling visions.

As Jasper’s tiny hands clung to the pulsating gemstone, his mind was engulfed with a vivid vision of an ominous scene. An imposing fortress swarming with a sea of savage mountain Orcs, clearly preparing for war. Jasper could not believe his eyes, he had heard tales about the fabled Orc clan of lore, but had never laid eyes on one before, let alone thousands.

The scene changed dramatically as his eyes adjusted to the brutal events unraveling before him. He soon came to realize the horde of Orcs was assembling at the summit of Gomar, just beyond the ancient gate that separated his village from the outside world.

As his eyes wandered, absorbing the details, his gaze was drawn to a group of Orcs training, seeing Orcs committing savage acts of aggression towards one another, Jasper cried out in horror. His scream was so loud, that it reverberated throughout both the cave and the vision, drawing the attention of the most imposing Orc within the group.

The menacing Orc, with a face riddled with scars and a distinctive bone-handled sword, stared at young Jasper with cold apathy and began marching towards him. Dredged in his path, the Orc pushed and shoved everything in his way in an attempt to reach Jasper. Surprised that the Orc could see him, he retreated, backpedaling as quickly as his little feet would allow, but slipped on a rock, which caused him to drop the orb. Upon losing control of the orb, his vision blurred and faded, with the last thing he saw was the Orc, reaching out and mouthing, “Hollandar Is MINE!

After quickly regaining his faculties, Jasper realized he was still in the cave. While gazing downward, he noticed that the once glowing orb was sinking into the ground. It wasn’t long before the ground beneath him began to tremble, erupting into a fierce rumble. As fast as he could, Jasper ran back to the narrow opening from which he came, just before he could escape, the cave’s ceiling collapsed. He covered his head and closed his eyes, waiting for what seemed like an eternity as a hush fell over him. As he patted his shuddering body to discover he was uninjured, his eyes slowly opened one by one. His eyes swung upwards to see what looked like a massive arm directly above him, shielding him from falling debris. Slowly, the hand turned over, scooping Jasper up and out the cave opening. As the hand unfolded and the dust settled, Jasper, to his surprise, realized he was in the grip of Enki, the infamous giant forest troll.

- — -

Curious to find out what Enki, The Forest Troll has in store for young Jasper?!



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