Strategic Partnership: MINE Network and Charged Particles

A few weeks ago, we revealed our NFT Giveaway Contest: Tournament of Legends Edition; where we invited you, our legendary community members to participate in the four-week-long competition of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

The giveaway included community-driven contests where participants could enter for a chance to snag a sweet JASPER-themed utility-packed NFT. Though our debut NFTs are great to look at, they are much more than just a pretty face. Our NFTs will be charged with endless possibilities, giving our winners access to a world of endless use-cases.

To help us deliver this promise, we have entered into a strategic agreement with the trailblazing NFT titans over at Charged Particles; to streamline the integration of MINE’s native token MNET into our première NFT collection. Furthermore, we will explore the possibility of implementing future cross-chain hashrate rewards functionality into future NFT series.

Partnership Vision

Both MINE Network and Charged particles will highlight the advantages and practical use-cases of DeFi “energized” NFTs. We will seek to implement Charged Particle’s innovative minting and charging features to mint and deploy MNET tokens into our debut NFT collection. This will provide end-users direct access to yield-bearing NFTs with a multitude of unique future use-cases. In addition, we will explore the possibility of enhancing rewards functionalities’ with cross-chain hashrate tokens in future NFT collections. The partnership will also include strategic collaborative efforts, which will incorporate comprehensive cross-platform marketing campaigns.

Ben Lakoff, Co-founder of Charged Particle, stated:

“We are delighted to be part of this revolutionary and historic partnership. Helping to integrate Charged DeFi NFTs into a novel cross-chain mining ecosystem is an industry first. It is a treat to be working with a team so dedicated to their community, and we are happy to aid MINE Network in facilitating the growth of their ecosystem.”

Andreas Aschenbrenner, Project Lead of MINE Network, stated:

“Charged Particles is narrowing the gap between two contrasting worlds in the crypto space by innovatively charging NFTs with the power of DeFi. We are thrilled to be partnering with such a path-breaking protocol that allows users to transform their NFTs into a yield-generating investment. Charged Particles innovative methods are the perfect companion for MINE Networks goals of providing utility in all aspects of our ecosystem.”

About Charged Particles

Charged Particles is a protocol that allows users to deposit ERC-20 tokens(ANY tokens) into an NFT. A scarce NFT (e.g., Art, Collectible, Virtual Real Estate, In-Game Item, etc.) can now be transformed into a basket holding several other tokens. The Principal amount can be time-locked inside the NFT. Through integration with Aave’s aTokens, the programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is just a few clicks away.

About MINE Network

MINE Network is the first decentralized standard hashrate token protocol that solves the liquidity problem of miners on multi-chains, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Filecoin.

MINE Network will standardize the mining power from different mining pools for various mining projects and then issue different standard hashrate tokens. Every standard hashrate token is a synthetic token that represents a unique mining blockchain’s primary standard mining power and is also collateralized by standardized mining power. In addition, the so-called pTokens can be integrated into cross-chain DeFi protocols (like DEX, lending protocols on Polkadot, Ethereum, HECO, Binance Smart chain, etc.), which will help to increase the liquidity.

MINE Network will also use Substrate’s OCW off-chain oracle workers to monitor the on-chain revenue data of different mining projects in real-time, and upload revenue information to ensure that the information is open and transparent for miners.



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