MINE’s MASSIVE $MNET Giveaway: Everything you need to know

MINE Network
3 min readOct 11, 2021


Sweet Gleams Are Made of These…

We’re back at it again, and MINE goodness, do we have a treat in store for you! Your search for the ultimate giveaway ends here, so strap up your boots and get ready for the Gleam contest to end all Gleam contests.

MINE Network’s greatest giveaway ever is upon us, and we want to invite YOU to participate and join us in the festivities. In celebration and anticipation of our upcoming November IDO launch, we at MINE Network are VERY EXCITED to announce our MASSIVE 2.5 MILLION $MNET token Gleam Giveaway!

Yes, you read that right; and no, your eyes are not deceiving you! 2.5 MILLION $MNET tokens will be up for grabs in the mother of all Gleam contests. The giveaway is running from today until January 01, 2022, so hop on over to our Gleam for a chance at making it big.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, here’s how to enter:

Simply head on over to our Gleam Page and complete the series of engagement activities. The setup is easy; participants who demonstrate exceptional knowledge of MINE Network, our multi-chain mining protocol, and those who actively promote MINE Network may be generously rewarded in the form of $MNET tokens.

Details and Rules

  1. The giveaway will run from October 11, 2021, until January 01, 2022.
  2. Your Twitter account must be at least two months old.
  3. No inappropriate or NSFW content!
  4. The MINE Network team members reserve the final decision regarding interpreting the contest rules, eliminating participants at their discretion, and making the final decisions on all entries.
  5. We reserve the right to close the giveaway at any time.
  6. The tokens will be distributed after the giveaway.
  7. Winners will be rewarded in MNET tokens — market practice vesting applies.
  8. The public sale price of 1 MNET Token is $0.01.
  9. Your rewards will be sent to the ERC20 address that you provide.
  10. Early subscribers who complete all tasks may be eligible for future perks like utility-packed charged NFTs.

Prizes and Reward Scheme:

28 winners will share the 2.5 Million MNET token prize pool in the following distribution scheme:

1st place: 1 winner — 1 Million MNET Tokens ($10k in value)

2nd place: 2 winners — 500k MNET Tokens ($5k in value)

3rd place: 25 winners — 20k MNET Tokens ($200 in value)


MINE Network is the First Decentralized Multichain Hashrate Token Protocol that solves the liquidity problem of miners on chains like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Filecoin. MINE Network will standardize the mining power from different mining pools for different mining projects and issue hashrate tokens. Every hashrate token is a synthetic token that represents the mining power of a unique mining blockchain and is also collateralized by standardized mining power.

MINE Network will also use Substrate’s OCW off-chain oracle workers to monitor the on-chain revenue data of different mining projects in real-time and upload revenue information to ensure that the data is open and transparent for miners.

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