MINE Network’s Supercharged Q1 Roadmap Updates

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3 min readJan 7, 2022


⚡️ Supercharged Q1 Roadmap Updates incoming in 3, 2, 1…

Over the last several months, we’ve been steadily delivering on our vision of revolutionizing mining and the metaverse. Now is the time we accelerate towards this vision, full steam ahead. Although so much has been accomplished, we know we’ve barely scratched the surface and can unequivocally guarantee that the best is yet to come. So prepare yourselves as we gear up for what’s shaping up to be an epic year full of surprises and significant milestones!

But before we peer into the future, let’s take it back a notch and review last quarter’s key highlights:

Social Media and Community Growth:

  • Telegram members up 978% (8k+ Members)
  • Twitter followers up 4600% (48K+ Followers)
  • Medium subscribers up 36,500% (6800+ Subscribers)

IDO/Public sale:

  • Completed a stellar IDO featuring two of the industry’s leading launchpads
  • Successfully raised $300,000

Exchange Listing:

  • Direct listing on KuCoin, a top-tier and world-renowned Crypto Exchange
  • $36 million in average daily trading volume in the first week of listing
  • Ranked first on the top gainer’s in multiple categories within the first 24 hours of listing
  • Launched a $30K Prize Pool, the “Welcome to the MINEverse” Burning Drop on KuCoin
  • Launched MNET Staking in collaboration with KuCoin Earn

New Ecosystem Updates:

And finally, as promised, here are the latest quarter one updates for MINE Network:


MINE Network’s dApp Mining protocol Roadmap Updates:

  • Onboarding new MVM Ambassadors
  • Commencing Phase 2 of the Testnet
  • Issuance of pBTCM
  • Onboarding additional Hashrate Partners


MINEverse Roadmap Updates:

  • Early January — Finishing the Specification Documentation
  • Mid-January — Initiating the first draft of the Design
  • Late January — Master Miner NFT Sales
  • Late January — Completing the Design Phase
  • Mid February — Finishing MVP and initiating the Testing Phase
  • Late February to Early March — Completing the Testing Phase and the Pre-launching stage
  • Late March to Early April — Debut Launch of the MINEverse

Despite the current overall poor markets, we remain committed to bringing the masses what we believe will be the new paradigm for metaverse gaming and mining everywhere. We are indeed in the midst of some exciting times ahead and would like to thank all members of our community for their continuous support and for assisting us in setting the stage for a stellar 2022 and beyond!


MINE Network is a novel Cross-Chain Metaverse solution that seamlessly integrates the hashrate economy with the worlds of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT’s — symbiotically merging them into one convenient open-source protocol. As a result, for the first time, players, collectors, and miners alike can take advantage of a fully integrated hashrate-based environment developed exclusively for effortless machineless mining. MINE Network provides a robust multi-chain infrastructure that caters to crypto enthusiasts worldwide by tokenizing real hashrates, issuing cross-chain compatible assets, and bridging conventional mining with the GameFi space by way of its unique Metaverse — the MINEverse.

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