MINE Network’s Ambassadors Program

MINE Network’s Most Valuable Miner Ambassadors Program

MINE Ambassadors Are:

  • Passionate about mining, gaming, and the Metaverse
  • Interested in accelerating MINE Network’s growth
  • Fluent in different languages. We are particularly interested in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, among others
  • Mining enthusiasts, people persons, influencers, or specialists
  • Established leaders within their communities
  • Effective at content marketing, are creative, and have innovative ideas
  • Interested in networking with other like-minded individuals

MINE Ambassadors Roles:

  • Create content by writing blogs, tutorials, or reviews
  • Host virtual or physical meetups, and represent MINE Network
  • Assist in translating blog posts, documents, and other content into various languages
  • Join our global team, helping manage online communities in multiple languages
  • Pushing and amplifying our social media posts and announcements
  • Engage in regular AMAs, bringing new people into the MINE community


  • Exclusive access to the prestigious MVM (Most Valuable Miner) Ambassador chat room
  • Be the first to know about projects updates, campaigns, events, and activities
  • Earn exclusive rewards and valuable perks
  • Get automatic whitelist for all future MINEverse NFT drops
  • Be the first to test out all of MINE Networks products


MINE Network is a novel Cross-Chain Metaverse solution that seamlessly integrates the hashrate economy with the worlds of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT’s — symbiotically merging them into one convenient open-source protocol. As a result, for the first time, players, collectors, and miners alike can take advantage of a fully integrated hashrate-based environment developed exclusively for effortless machineless mining. MINE Network provides a robust multi-chain infrastructure that caters to crypto enthusiasts worldwide by tokenizing real hashrates, issuing cross-chain compatible assets, and bridging conventional mining with the GameFi space by way of its unique Metaverse — the MINEverse.

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The First Multi-Chain Hashrate Token Protocol

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