MINE Network’s Ambassadors Program

MINE Network’s Most Valuable Miner Ambassadors Program

Have you ever made a meaningful or effective contribution to our community? Do you have a knack for reaching the masses in an impactful way? Are you a person of influence and perhaps speak multiple languages? If yes, then YOU are exactly who we’ve been looking for!

We are pleased to introduce the MINE Network’s MVM (Most Valuable Miner) Ambassadors Program, a flagship initiative to grow the MINE Network community and expand its reach worldwide. Our ambassadors are talented individuals who are deeply enthusiastic about MINE Network’s technology; recognizing its potential as a catalyst for change and as a means of uniting the industries leading narratives to deliver the perfect metaverse experience.

As valuable contributors to MINE Network’s robust ecosystem, our ambassadors bring their diverse knowledgable skills and insights to further strengthen the community’s growth. As a result, ambassadors will be rewarded with MNET tokens and privileges that distinguish them as prominent community members for their efforts.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/V8sUA18fgbcZo5xU6

MINE Ambassadors Are:

  • Passionate about mining, gaming, and the Metaverse
  • Interested in accelerating MINE Network’s growth
  • Fluent in different languages. We are particularly interested in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, among others
  • Mining enthusiasts, people persons, influencers, or specialists
  • Established leaders within their communities
  • Effective at content marketing, are creative, and have innovative ideas
  • Interested in networking with other like-minded individuals

MINE Ambassadors Roles:

  • Create content by writing blogs, tutorials, or reviews
  • Host virtual or physical meetups, and represent MINE Network
  • Assist in translating blog posts, documents, and other content into various languages
  • Join our global team, helping manage online communities in multiple languages
  • Pushing and amplifying our social media posts and announcements
  • Engage in regular AMAs, bringing new people into the MINE community


  • Exclusive access to the prestigious MVM (Most Valuable Miner) Ambassador chat room
  • Be the first to know about projects updates, campaigns, events, and activities
  • Earn exclusive rewards and valuable perks
  • Get automatic whitelist for all future MINEverse NFT drops
  • Be the first to test out all of MINE Networks products

If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our elite group, please fill out this FORM. We look forward to reviewing all the applicants and are ecstatic to start this global movement with the world’s best crypto community!


MINE Network is a novel Cross-Chain Metaverse solution that seamlessly integrates the hashrate economy with the worlds of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT’s — symbiotically merging them into one convenient open-source protocol. As a result, for the first time, players, collectors, and miners alike can take advantage of a fully integrated hashrate-based environment developed exclusively for effortless machineless mining. MINE Network provides a robust multi-chain infrastructure that caters to crypto enthusiasts worldwide by tokenizing real hashrates, issuing cross-chain compatible assets, and bridging conventional mining with the GameFi space by way of its unique Metaverse — the MINEverse.

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