📣 MINE Network | Exciting Ecosystem UPDATES!

Behind the scenes and under the hood: Here are the latest happenings across MINE Network’s ecosystem.

Hi Miners! Welcome to MINE Network’s Community Report, a sporadically released series that summarizes all things MINE-related to keep our lovely community informed about our recent activities.

After a successful MINEverse unveiling which sparked an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, we decided to keep the ball rolling and announce some exciting ecosystem updates. We’ve been working around the clock to cook up some new developments that we’re rather excited about, and we’re sure you will be too!


🔹 GamePaper Release:

The introduction of the MINEverse‘s intricate economic ecosystem came with questions and specifics that needed to be clarified. The GamePaper goes further into detail; breaking down the roles of in-game characters like the Master Miners, CaveOwners, and synergistic key assets like NFTs, pTokens, $MNET tokens that are crucial in powering the MINEverse ecosystem.

Please click HERE to learn more about the inner workings behind the MINEverse.

🔹 Snazzy Website Updates:

A new Metaverse needs a new look, right? So we went ahead and made a few minor modifications and improvements to our website.

Check out our slightly revamped site HERE.

🔹 Whitepaper v2.1:

We’re excited to show off our newly updated whitepaper to the community. Version 2.1 of our WP contains minimal tweaks, minor text fixes, and restructuring. Both MINE Networks’ market mechanics and protocol infrastructure remain unchanged. Instead, we refined the document, polished the text, and clarified a few points to remove incertitudes.

Click HERE To Read Our Whitepaper

That’s all from us for now, Thank you Miners for reading and heed, GLORY awaits us all in the MINEshafts of Hollandor, Can you DIG it!

We appreciate all your support and hope you are enjoying witnessing history in the making.


MINE Network is the First Decentralized Multichain Hashrate Token Protocol that solves the liquidity problem of miners on chains like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Filecoin. MINE Network will standardize the mining power from different mining pools for various mining projects and issue hashrate tokens. Every hashrate token is a synthetic token that represents the mining power of a unique mining blockchain and is also collateralized by standardized mining power.

MINE Network will also use Substrate’s OCW off-chain oracle workers to monitor the on-chain revenue data of different mining projects in real-time and upload revenue information to ensure that the data is open and transparent for miners.

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The First Multi-Chain Hashrate Token Protocol

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