Master Miners: The Debut NFT Series from the MINEverse is Coming to Polygon

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4 min readJan 24, 2022


Launching in 24 hours via the Polygon Network

Master Miners NFT collection will launch on Polygon, a layer 2 blockchain, enabling users a seamlessly low gas experience to mint, sell, and store their MINEverse collectibles.

Today marks another significant milestone for MINE Network’s Metaverse Division as we continue to blaze new trails towards reinventing mining. Our initial steps in building a robust, scalable ecosystem included identifying and implementing reliable, cost-effective solutions that improve platform efficiency while enriching the experience of all members.

This constant search inevitably leads us to the layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon. With Polygon, our platform users will enjoy a seamlessly low gas experience while minting, trading, and storing their MINEverse NFTs. The integration of our minting on Polygon means participating in our initial Master Miner’s NFT sale has never been more affordable or accessible. Not only is the process hassle-free and fast, but gas fees are literally a fraction of a cent.

Powering A New World of Possibilities

The Master Miner’s initial debut set of NFTs will be an integral part of the MINEverse’s triad of synergistic key assets; the Master Miners NFT collection, hashrate tokens, and the MNET tokens. 100% of the funds raised from the Master Miner’s NFT sale will go to the Reward Pool to acquire various hashrate tokens, which ultimately means YOU, the owner of the Master Miner NFT(s) will be the ones who benefit.

Answers To Your Pressing Questions (FAQ)

What are the Master Miners?
Master Miners, the debut NFT series from the MINEverse, are 2,000 dynamically generated snippety dwarves inhabiting the enchanted realm of Hollandor — where charming misfits, cunning merchants, and ferociously gritty dwarves compete for the glory of gold.

Is there a Whitelist?
Master Miners NFT launch will be a FAIR DROP. We believe everyone should get an equal and fair chance at owning our awesome utility-packed NFTs, this is why we decided there will be NO WHITELIST and NO PRICING TIERS.

When will they be available?
On the 25th of January at 8 pm UTC

Where can I buy my Master Miner NFT?
Minting will happen on our website, you can find the specific URL HERE.

A fixed price of 50 Matic (approximately 63 USD in value as of today’s date)

How do I purchase?
Once we launch, you’ll be able to mint Master Miners directly from our website using your metamask wallet. The Master Miner NFTs will be minted on Polygon. Traits and attributes will be randomly generated at the time of minting with a maximum of 5 per transaction will be set.

And for all of you who are new to Polygon, we got you covered as well, please refer to this how-to video for an easy step-by-step Polygon metamask tutorial to get fully set up.

Quick Synopsis:
Coming from a kingdom rich in antiquity, these hardy dwarves loyal to clan and tradition, are known to be fierce warriors, skilled artisans, and masters of stone and metal. The Dwarven Kingdom of Hollandar lies deep within the bellows of the earth, where the Mining Class of Dwarves (Master Miners), dig relentlessly for gems forging their way to glory.


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